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With so many people in Phoenix looking for sewer cleaning, water drain cleaning, and other plumbing services, Team Home Service partners are delighted to help. If there is a leaky faucet in your house, fixing it as quickly as possible will help you avoid further damage and get your life back on track. This could be a problem in terms of safety and if and when you decide to sell your home and face a home inspection.

Our partners work hard to deliver the greatest products and services to the Phoenix area. Above all, we take pride in the quality of our work, and our team is committed to helping you find the ideal solution for all of your plumbing needs. To make an appointment, give us a call right now.

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Why Choose Team Home Service for your Plumbing?

Team Home Service partners aim to deliver a high-quality, safe, and dependable water and sewerage service that is both economically and environmentally sustainable 24/7 to our customers.

Our goal is to be a long-term provider of water and sewerage services that provides value to customers.

Our professional plumbers will examine the situation, locate the source of the problem, and offer you a knowledgeable solution for your home or business.

At Team Home Service, we take pride in our partners' work, and when we make a mistake, we apologize and make it suitable. Crises don't care if it's a holiday, which is why we're here to help you at any time. To book a plumbing inspection, click here.

Phoenix Plumbers at the Best Price

Team Home Service reclaims control for its customers by giving practical, low-pressure solutions to any plumbing issue. Our goal is to establish long-term connections with our customers and solve their problems as they emerge.

Team Home Service has an unrivaled ability to diagnose and resolve problems after other companies have failed. We provide very competitive rates in all areas without reducing the quality of service performed by highly skilled plumbers.

Our Plumbing Services in Phoenix, AZ

Gas line repair/leak detection

Gas leak detection services are essential in both the home and the workplace. Gas leaks endanger your health and the security and functionality of your home and workplace. Liability issues can arise as a result of gas leakage. We offer gas leak detection services that show potential problems before they become more significant and harmful.

It's more than an inconvenience when your gas line begins to leak; it's an emergency. Even though the line needs to be repaired immediately, you should leave it to the pros rather than attempting it yourself. If you suspect a gas leak, you should act fast and have your gas line repaired by a professional.

Water leak/mainline repair

Water leaks aren't usually contained to the confines of your home. Homeowners are frequently astonished to discover a water leak in their front yard! Water seeping out of the ground in your yard or moist soil on your land when other portions of your property are dry could indicate that your water service is broken. Water leaks are a significant irritation that may cost a lot of money if not caught soon.

Let's go to work on these leaks as quickly as possible! Allow Team Home Service's experts to inspect any home water leak you may have. From water heaters to tubs and showers, we can assist you. Because of their experience in the home care business, our personnel can provide you with a higher and more efficient level of service.

Fixture replacement

If your faucet or fixture is constantly dripping, it may indicate that it needs to be fixed. A blocked aerator in your kitchen faucet may prevent you from getting the powerful water stream you need. Showerheads can clog and become film-coated.

If you're handy, you could make a slight adjustment, like replacing a washer or cleaning the aerator or filter. If you'd rather not deal with minor issues, get a professional plumber to take care of them quickly and effectively.

Sewage /drain cleaning

The problem of a clogged drain is a prevalent plumbing issue. Back-ups can occur when a drain is clogged with food, oil, hair, soap, or any other form of accumulation, which is not only bothersome but also potentially dangerous to your pipes.

If you discover that your water is not draining as quickly or smoothly as it should, call a professional plumber right once to investigate the problem!

Hard water treatment

A water softener is the most basic remedy for hard water. This water filter removes the minerals that might be present in hard water. When water enters the filter, calcium and magnesium ions are trapped in a resin bed, replaced with sodium ions. The method is known as ion exchange. The proper operation of a water softener necessitates the use of salt.

Water softener salt must be stored in a separate tank. The brine tank is what it's called. Water containing sodium ions from the brine tank flows into the water softener tanks during the regeneration process, cleaning the reason and draining the hard minerals out of the device.

Slab leak repair

A slab leak is a water line leak beneath a concrete floor that derives its name from the term used by insurance companies to describe the problem. Industry experts sometimes refer to a slab leak as a foundation leak. A slab leak may appear to be a vast, gaping hole in a pipe through which a flood of water has poured out, but this is not the case.

Even though a slab leak only creates a tiny hole in a pipe, it allows moisture to escape and cause difficulties. That leak has the potential to become much more significant shortly.

Kitchen and bathroom remodeling

  • A kitchen or bathroom upgrade can be a worthwhile investment. It enhances the value of your home, but it will also make it more comfortable and functional to live in. A makeover can completely transform your space and your life with careful planning and execution. So if you're thinking about taking on a remodeling project, don't hesitate.
  • Waterline repair/replacement

    Water line damage is a severe problem that can result in costly repairs. Unfortunately, it is often undetectable until it's too late. That's why it's essential to be proactive about water line maintenance. Experts recommend having your water lines inspected at least once a year.

    The mainline of your home's water system may need to be updated for various reasons. Like any other dynamic component of your plumbing system, your service line pipes are prone to deterioration over time. This is especially true when it comes to replacing lead pipes.

    Hydro jetting

    Is there a stubborn clog in your drain that no amount of ordinary drain cleaning can clear? Is it too far for an auger or a snake to reach, requiring the employment of a more powerful tool? We can help you. Hydro jet drain cleaning is quite effective at cleaning main lines that have been clogged or blocked by tree roots. Our jetter, which employs high-pressure water, can tackle even the most challenging plumbing lines. It can reach deep into the sewage drain to clear up clogs and return it to a "like-new" state.

    Sump pumps

    Sump pumps drive water out of your basement and away from your house.

    A sump is a pit that forms naturally.

    In most cases, a hole is dug beneath the central area of your basement. The sump pump keeps this pit clean, also known as a basin. Increased water levels or pressure are detected via valves in the pump. Sump pumps use a discharge pipe to pump excess water out of your basement and away from your home when the water level in your basement rises too high.

    With a sump pump you can be confident that no water will collect and that neither your basement nor your items will be damaged or ruined unnecessarily.

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