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With many people looking for trusted "plumbers near me," Team Home Service partners are eager to provide quality plumbing services in Bullhead City. Sewer and drain cleaning, as well as other services, are covered. If your home has a water leak, getting it fixed as soon as possible helps you avoid further damage and get back to normal. This may not only be a safety hazard but also a problem if/when your home is sold and exposed to a home inspection in the future.

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Why Choose Team Home Service for your Plumbing?

Leaking water heaters, dripping faucets, clogged drains, and slab leaks are the most common plumbing problems. If you leak your garage, basement, or attic, Team Home Service partners will be there to repair or replace it as soon as possible.

Let us provide plumbing service that will make you glad you called, whether it's an emergency or a scheduled upgrade. Emergencies don't care if it's an off day, so we can always assist you. Click here to schedule a plumbing check-up.

Bullhead Plumbers at the Best Price

Team Home Service gives its consumers back control by providing realistic, low-pressure answers to any plumbing problem. Our motive is to maintain a long-term relationship with our consumers by resolving their issues as they arise throughout their life. We promise to solve it correctly the first time, every time.

We offer very competitive rates without sacrificing the quality of work by highly skilled plumbers in all areas.

Our Plumbing Services in Bullhead City, AZ

Gas line repair/leak detection

When your gas line starts to leak, it's more than an annoyance; it's an emergency. Even though the line requires immediate care, you should leave the repair to the professionals rather than attempting it yourself. If you reckon a gas leak, you should act fast and have your gas line repaired by a professional.

Schedule a gas-leak check if you notice

  • an odor,
  • a hissing sound
  • an unexplained rise in your gas bill

Call us to schedule an appointment and get an estimate.

Water leak/mainline repair

Water leaks are a significant irritation that may cost a lot of money if not caught soon. Water pipelines burst beneath the earth, in buildings, and beneath concrete and highways, resulting in difficult-to-find breaches. Hidden (or disguised) leaks can waste thousands of liters of water each day and go unnoticed until you receive a much higher bill and significant water damage to your property.

Fixture replacement

If your faucet or fixture is constantly dripping, it could signify that it needs to be repaired. Your kitchen faucet may not provide the forceful stream of water you require if the aerator is clogged. Showerheads can get clogged and film-coated. If you're handy, try a minor modification, such as changing a washer or removing and cleaning the aerator or filter. If you'd prefer not to deal with minor difficulties, get a professional plumber to solve them quickly, efficiently, and simply.

Sewage /drain cleaning

Drains in the home are typically ignored until a problem arises. Plumbing problems can be anything from inconvenient to disastrous. Whether you're suffering issues now or want to get rid of them in the future, consider hiring Team Home Service pros to clean your drains.

The main reasons behind frequent drain blocks are :

  • Mineral deposits in pipes
  • Kitchen grease accumulation
  • Flushing inappropriate material

If clogged drains and sewers are frequent occurrences in your home, schedule an appointment with us.

Hard water treatment

The most common solution for hard water is water softening. This water filter system removes the minerals found in hard water. A water softener requires salt to function correctly. Salt for water softeners must be kept in a separate tank. It's referred to as the brine tank. During the regeneration process, water containing sodium ions from the brine tank flows into the water softener tanks, cleaning the resin and draining the hard minerals into a wastewater drain. Water softeners are available in different sizes.

Slab leak repair

A slab leak is a leak in a water pipe beneath a concrete floor. Industry experts sometimes refer to a slab leak as a foundation leak. Although a slab leak creates a tiny hole in a pipe, it allows water to escape and cause problems. That leak has the potential to grow in size shortly. Slab leaks can occur in both hot and cold water pipes and can cause extensive damage to your home if left unchecked.

Kitchen and bathroom remodeling

When you talk about a makeover, you're referring to the numerous changes you've made to the aesthetic of your bathroom. It focuses solely on modifications that impact the layout, design, or overall appearance. As a result, a renovation project gives your bathroom a fresh look and feel.

It does not, for example, imply structural changes to the size of the room. In this approach, a renovation project works with what's already there. It changes into something completely different or modifies to meet a specific style or layout. As a result, cosmetic changes like a new vanity, cabinet, and countertop are included.

Waterline repair/replacement

There are a few reasons why you might want to replace the mainline of your home's water system. Like any other dynamic component of your plumbing system, your service line pipes are prone to deterioration with time. When it comes to replacing lead pipes, this is especially true. Our

Team Home Service partner specialists in Bullhead City install and repair water lines daily. We can discuss your options if you're considering a proactive replacement.

Hydro jetting

Hydro jetting is perfect for cleaning residential and commercial buildings, especially grease buildup, like restaurants. It's a specialized operation that clears blockages and obstructions in high-pressure and high-speed water pipelines. It is undoubtedly one of the most effective methods for unclogging clogged pipes.

Cleaning main lines with clogs or blockages, such as tree roots, with hydro jet drain cleaning. The high-pressure water, can tackle even the most challenging plumbing lines. It can eliminate clogs and restore the sewage drain to a "like-new" state.

Do you have a hard blockage in your pipe that no amount of traditional drain cleaning can clear? Is it beyond the reach of an auger or a snake, necessitating the use of a more powerful tool? We can assist you.

Sump pumps

Water is pumped out of your basement and away from your home using sump pumps. A sump is a naturally formed pit. Usually, a hole is excavated beneath your basement's center section. This pit, also known as a basin, houses the sump pump.

The pump is equipped with valves that check for growing water levels. When the water level in your basement gets too high, sump pumps use a discharge pipe to pump excess water out of the basement and away from your home. The effluent connection connects the sump pump to the drainage area.

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