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At Team Home Service, we think that your home is more than just a structure; it also houses emotive memories from your life. That is why, through a variety of cooling and heating services, we have been able to give the best degree of comfort for you and your family. Our partners are ready to improve the indoor air quality of your house with a full crew of skilled experts and specialists. Our goal is for you to feel relaxed and at ease the moment you walk into your home, which is exactly how a home should feel.

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Why Choose Team Home Service for Your AC and Heating Repairs?

We know that sometimes heating and AC repairs can get the worst of you.

We are happy to provide additional ideas and guidance to all of our clients throughout the year to help them increase indoor comfort. When you phone our office, our pleasant and educated staff will gladly answer any questions you may have about air conditioning.

Our website has an abundant amount of information on each of our service areas and the products our partners offer. We also provide new articles regularly concerning typical HVAC concerns. We wish to keep our clients up to date. The more information you have, the better your chances of saving money, improving interior comfort, and extending the life of your system.

Boise HVAC Repairs at the Best Price

Your system should keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer without costing you a fortune. Team Home Service partners can ensure that your home's temperature is precisely correct. Our partners provide HVAC repair, installation, and maintenance to keep your heating and cooling system functioning efficiently throughout the year.

Our Heating & Air Conditioning Services in Boise, ID

Emergency services

Breakdowns are prevalent in all machinery, including your heating and air conditioning systems. These problems frequently occur when you least expect them, and they can quickly escalate into a major emergency and annoyance. They have the potential to have a significant negative impact on you and your life.

Having a nearby 24/7 heating and air conditioning unit repair company that can always address any technical problem is a substantial benefit to having a 24/7 heating and air conditioning unit repair company to help correct and prevent these common yet unexpected malfunctions.

Heater installation and repair

An efficient heater is essential for a comfortable home during the colder months. To keep energy expenses low and comfort levels high, ensure your heater runs correctly. It's comforting to be aware that your home will remain warm throughout the season!

With a bit of forethought and assistance from Team Home Service's heater repair experts, you can keep your heater running better than ever during the upcoming cold months. Water heater installation is best left to the professionals, as even a tiny mistake can result in a significant leak.

  • Heater Maintenance and repair

    Heater can quickly cause extensive damage to your home, so it's necessary to take action fast. If you ignore it, you can't expect your heating system to continue in good operating order. With a bit of care and attention, you can avoid the disaster of a water heater leak.

    Our expert technicians use their findings to make recommendations for additional services and assist you in planning and budgeting for future repairs and upgrades.

    Furnace installation and replacement

    A well-functioning furnace is essential for lowering energy expenses and avoiding untimely breakdowns. Team Home Service partners provide Full-service HVAC system inspection, cleaning, repair, and maintenance services to keep your system functioning smoothly all year. Before starting the heating season, we recommend arranging an annual furnace maintenance appointment.

    Furnace Repair and maintenance

    The furnace is the most complex piece of equipment in your heating system, and it is the heart of it. It's no surprise that the harm has already been done by the time you realize something isn't operating correctly.

    Professional furnace repair and maintenance is provided by Team Home Service partners, ensuring that your home remains warm over the upcoming cold months. Our crew has full experience of carrying out repairs and maintenance using the latest technology and standards. We have expertise in dealing with a variety of furnace kinds and manufacturers.

    Boiler services

    When a boiler system in Boise is working correctly, it may be an excellent way to keep your home warm. However, if your boiler breaks down, it might be challenging to repair without the help of a professional. They can help you with boiler service, repair, replacement, and boiler installation. We can also repair any boiler. We'll provide expert heating system service that you won't find anywhere else.

    Radiant heating services

    Radiant heating has several advantages over other types of heating. Hot water and electric underfloor systems are silent and undetectable, with no ducts blowing air into your home. Because there is no input of air, dust, pollen, and other contaminants do not pollute your interior air, creating allergies, respiratory problems, and other health concerns.

    Unlike forced-air or other traditional central heating systems, Radiant heating requires very little maintenance. These heaters are also far more efficient than different types of heaters. Because of their excellent efficiency and little care, they have cheap long-term operating expenses.

    Filter replacement

    Do you have a stuffy feeling when you wake up? Have you noticed an increase in dust in your home? Have you seen an increase in your electricity bill? If that's the case, your AC, HVAC, or furnace filter is most likely to blame.

    All of these systems are necessary for maintaining a pleasant temperature in your home, but they also disperse air throughout it. If you don't change your filters regularly, it will lower the effectiveness of your AC or HVAC system and harm the quality of your indoor air.

    Ductless heating and air systems

    Do you have a hard time keeping your house cool? A ductless mini-split air conditioner could be the answer to your problems. Unlike traditional central air conditioners, ductless mini-split air conditioner installation does not require ductwork, as the name implies.

    Our staff at Team Home Service can install a ductless mini-split system in Boise that is cost-effective and energy-efficient. To ensure that your home has the best cooling system available, we've created connections with top AC and HVAC providers and stay up to speed on the newest heating and cooling technologies

    Indoor air quality products

    The air we breathe, whether inside or outside, directly impacts our health and comfort. Some of the more obvious adverse effects of indoor air pollution, such as an unpleasant odor, may be noticed, but many others unnoticed. Indoor air quality testing and improvement services are available to fulfill the demands of both home and business owners. The expert specialists can assist you in finding the best indoor air quality solution for your home or company!.

    Smart home thermostats

    The digital controller is a fantastic technology that will save you time and money. It takes the guesswork out of remembering when and for how long your heating or cooling system should be turned on, and it makes your house more pleasant all year. It also reduces energy consumption while enabling simple installation and improved heating and cooling operations.

    You will enjoy peace of mind when it comes to your HVAC use , as well as your electricity bills with smarthome thermostats.

    UV air sanitizers

    For some homeowners, a sound air filtering system is sufficient to maintain a high level of indoor air quality. However, keep in mind that the most effective indoor air quality systems are those that employ a variety of techniques. You may encounter more than one problem with your air quality, and different concerns necessitate different treatments.

    Unlike dust or dander, biological contaminants cannot be easily filtered out of the air in your home. As a result, pollutant destruction is required to avoid such pollutants' dangers. Trim, safe levels of ultraviolet radiation are emitted by germicidal UV lights; instead, safe amounts for adults, dogs, and children.

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