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Put your home’s plumbing needs in the hands of a professional Twin Falls plumber. In Twin Falls, Team Home Service partners can always be trusted to offer a fast and effective repair or installation. Whether you need a video pipe inspection or drain cleaning, our highly experienced professionals can solve your problem quickly and effectively. Regardless of the magnitude of the service call, it is handled with the same care and attention to detail.

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Why Choose Team Home Service for your Plumbing?

Our knowledgeable staff goes through a lot to provide you with the most exemplary possible service. No matter how big or small the work is, we operate with the same accuracy and attention from start to finish. Whether you require a quick drain cleaning or complete repiping, we can help. You can trust us to finish the repair or installation quickly and get your home up and running.

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Twin Falls Plumbers at the Best Price

We treat our employees to be like family. From treating our clients with the utmost respect to providing the best working environment for our employees, our objective is to provide excellent service to everyone involved. By combining our outstanding craftsmanship with swift service, we hope to make the operation as simple, quick, and fun as possible. We provide very competitive rates in all areas without reducing the quality of service performed by highly skilled plumbers

Our Plumbing Services in Twin Falls, ID

Gas line repair/leak detection

You know how required it is to keep your gas lines in good working order if you use gas-powered appliances or heat your home with gas. Gas pipes in your home that are broken, leaking, or damaged will cause complications. Contact the Team Home Service experts right away for dependable and safe gas line replacement or repair in Twin Falls. When people and dogs inhale natural gas, they are at risk. Because gas is a cost-effective energy source, many Twin Falls residents use it to power their appliances and heat their homes. Leaks in gas lines are a serious issue that must be treated quickly and effectively. Our partner’s dependable gas leak detection services can keep your family safe from gas leaks.

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Water leak/mainline repair

In a matter of minutes, a burst water pipe can cause significant damage to your home or business. Contact Team Home Service partners right away for burst pipe repair services. They fix everything from burst main water lines to domestic pipes in Twin Falls. Our services are cost-effective and provide long-term solutions.

Fixture replacement

Are your kitchen and bathroom starting to show signs of wear and tear? Do you have clogged toilets or leaky faucets? Contact Team Home Service partners for plumbing fixture repair and replacement! The plumbing fixtures in your home play a significant role in giving the area a fresh, modern look. Replacing a sink or toilet in your kitchen or bathroom could offer your space a much-needed update.

Sewage /drain cleaning

Is there a clog in your drain? Team Home Service’s skilled technicians can unclog any drain in your home, whether it’s in the kitchen, bathroom, or elsewhere. As a leading drain cleaning company, we have saved several homes and businesses in Twin Falls from flooding, backed-up sewage, and other unpleasant plumbing problems. We can also assist you with drainage issues.

If drain clogs are frequent occurrences in your home, schedule an appointment with us.

Hard water treatment

If you have hard water, a water correction system can help extend the life of your appliances, such as dishwashers, washing machines, and water heaters and make them perform more efficiently. Hard water in the home can lead to deposits in sinks and bathtubs and clogged pipes in home plumbing systems and water-using appliances. Softening the water will extend the life of these pipes and equipment, improve the efficiency of water heaters, provide better lather, more effective soap and detergent use, and softer skin and hair. You will notice a dramatic change in your water system due to our comprehensive water treatment services.

Slab leak repair

Several factors can cause slab leaks. Before the problem can be solved, the cause of the issue must be recognized. Team Home Service’s experts are highly skilled in identifying and resolving the underlying issues that cause slab leaks, particularly in older houses. By detecting plumbing and foundation issues early on, you may save a lot of money and time in the long run by preventing minor problems from becoming severe ones. Unfortunately, slab leaks go unnoticed far too often, causing water damage to the foundation, interior flooring or carpet, furniture, and appliances and threatening the property’s structural integrity.

Kitchen and bathroom remodeling

Our partners can handle various bathroom repairs and installations, including spa baths, walk-in showers, guest bathrooms, master bathrooms, and powder rooms, thanks to our expertise and experience. From bathroom design to construction, we’ve made it our mission to be your one-stop-shop for plumbing, heating, and air conditioning projects, and we’ll collaborate with you to make your idea a reality. Get in touch with us to begin!

Waterline repair/replacement

Team Home Service partners offer a comprehensive range of water line repair and replacement services in Twin Falls. Our highly skilled plumbers and technicians can complete the task quickly and efficiently. Our professionals have extensive experience repairing and rebuilding waterlines, so you can rely on them to complete the job correctly the first time. We take great pride in our work and are committed to offering unsurpassed quality, customer service, and skill. If you need water line repair or replacement in Twin Falls, choose Team Home Service for the best service.

Hydro jetting

Clogged drains and pipes can cause a range of plumbing problems, including pipe leaks and bursts, floods, and water damage, as well as unclean water and sewage backup and slow-draining water. While there are a few methods for clearing a pipe clog, hydro jetting is the safest and most successful method. Team Home Service’s experts can deliver hydro jetting services in Twin Falls swiftly so you can go back to your routine. Our technicians are experienced and skilled in using hydro jetting and will quickly restore your pipes to functioning order.

Sump pumps

The two types of sump pumps available to homeowners are submersible pumps and pedestal pumps. Both have advantages and disadvantages, but they will move water out of a basement. Submersible pumps are the greatest option for households concerned about noise pollution, even if pedestal pumps are less expensive. Because of its complexity, it’s best to get professional assistance.

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