Top warning signs that you have a slab leak

A slab foundation is a concrete slab a house is built upon. The main plumbing pipes of your home are located below the slab. So when a slab leak occurs, it can be complicated to detect it until some severe and measurable damage has occurred.

Once you notice the signs of a slab leak, you must immediately connect with licensed plumbing services in your area if you want to save your house from some severe damage.

So, being educated and aware of early signs of a slab leak can literally help save your home and money. Here are the most noticeable signs of the slab leak

You Hear the Sound of Running Water 

Do you constantly hear the sounds of running water? The first thing you must do is to turn off all the taps and fixtures. If you can still hear the sounds of running water even when all your faucets are not turned on, it can potentially be the issue of a slab leak. Make sure you call a leak detection expert- to save the water and your property from significant damage.

Pooling Water

 When there is a slab leak, the water tends to collect underneath the slab and finds a place to come out. If you notice pools of water forming on the floor of your home when no water source is nearby, it points to a slab leak. You must check your home for any additional signs such as mould growth in this case and definitely call a plumbing service timely.

An Unpleasant Odor

As a slab leak occurs, the water collects on the floor, and other issues start to emerge. The moisture can lead to the growth of mould and mildew. This moisture can be absorbed onto your walls which Kendriya to mould growth on the walls. If you smell an odour, it is time to contact professional plumbing services to get a slab leak detection done.

Damaged or Wet Flooring

The serious slab leak problems can damage the flooring of your house. Sometimes you can notice the warping of your flooring if it is hardwood or laminate. If the damage is severe, there can be a formation of a dome or a raised area on the floor. It is a sign of severe damage to the foundation of your home. 

Hot Spots on Your Floor

Hot water spots form on your floor when there is a water leak in your hot water line. It basically leads the flooring above the water leak to be comparatively warmer. It is easier to spot warm spots on the floor if you have a carpeted floor. However, It isn’t easy to detect the warm areas if your floor is hardwood.

Reduced Water Pressure

Any type of leak causes less water to run through your pipes. It also causes an increase in your monthly water bill along with less water pressure in the pipes. No tabs are open, in no fixtures are used at the same time. It could be that the cause of reduced water pressure is a slab leak.

There’s a Spike in Your Water Bill

Water leak means the water is running 24 hours without you turning on any taps. If there is a sudden increase in your water bill without reason, it can indicate a leak. You must check all your taps and fixtures immediately, and if there is no sign of a leak, it may indicate a slab leak.

Foundation movement or cracking

Your foundation may swell to an extreme degree and lift the building slightly. If the heaving is extreme, it indicates a severe slab leak, and it is critical enough to seek expert assistance from your nearby plumbing services. Any cracks or damages to your foundation or walls means irreparable damage. Any cracks must be dealt with with extreme caution, and experienced technicians should be consulted immediately.

Dangers of a slab leak

Mould growth

When the leak is severe, the mould can spread unseen in the home. It can cause the people in the house to risk serious respiratory problems and water contamination.

Structural damage

A slab leak can affect the structural integrity of your house. It can slowly damage the supporting structure and cause cracks in the slab, the walls and the floor.

A slab leak is not an issue that any homeowner would want to ignore, which time slab leaks can get worse and cause some severe issues. If the critical time passes, slab leaks can become a costly Affair to fix. The sooner you address the problem of the minor damage will be to your home and the more money you will be able to save. 

In case you identify any of these signs or come across any other issues- call us here. We connect you with the most experienced plumbing service providers in your locality.

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