Most common plumbing problems

Clogged drains and toilets 

Clogged drains in kitchens and toilets smell bad and overflow. If your toilets and drains are clogged repeatedly, it might be a symptom of a much serious situation, that is, septic system damage. Sometimes clogged toilets can be cleaned using a few plunges. Still, sometimes, you will need to call a plumber if the switch backups are in multiple locations for stop. This indicates something seriously wrong with the septic tank or any pipe in the house. Sometimes clogs also happen when items like dental floss, food, hair and paper are flushed.

Slow drains are the most common issues you might call a plumber for. The reasons are the same as for the clogged toilet. It is not advised to plunge into a bathroom or Kitchen sink. You must try a drain cleaner, but if the problem persists, the pipes must be unclogged by a professional plumber. Sometimes it may require digging to access the lines and get rid of the clogs or even change the corroded or damaged pipes.

Leaky faucets and pipes

 Leaky faucets for pipes lead to an enormous amount of water wastage. The water might cause the metal to rust, and it also causes the wooden furniture to rot. Leaky Pipes and faucets tend to be the breeding ground for bacteria and insects due to the pooling of water.

 The Leaky Pipes and other fixtures may need to be replaced rather than fixing individual parts. Professional plumbers advise the best course of action and perform repairs or replace fixtures.

Water heater issues

The problems with the water heater require a plumber and an electrician. In some cases, a dedicated HVAC technician would be the best fit to resolve your issue. If there is an issue with the water heater, there is corrosion or rust in the water. Also, you might notice a strange odour from heated water if the water heater is not functioning correctly. Another issue is that the water heater might not provide hot water and thus providing some lukewarm water. All of these issues must be dealt with by an experienced technician. However, in some cases, like a leaky water heater, it cannot be repaired and must be replaced.

Low water pressure 

 If the water pressure in your faucets and fixtures seems to be considerably low, you must check the water valve if it is open. If there is just one location with low water pressure, it means that a particular set of fixtures or pipes are blocked and needs to be taken care of. However, if the whole house has low water pressure, there might be an issue with the main pipe. You may need to call a professional plumber in this case to check the area of blockage.

Running toilets 

If a running toilet is left and repaired, it can leak a gallon of water per hour. If your bathroom is giving you an issue of running water, there can be three reasons for that -the float height needs adjusting, the toilet flapper is leaking and needs replacing, or the fill tube needs shortening. If none of your attempts is able to fix a Leaky toilet, then you must call a plumber to get the problem resolved.

Sump pump failure 

A sump pump failure is a common problem, but people don’t realize it until it’s very late. Most of the issues leading to failure can be repaired by regular maintenance. The common reasons for the failure of the sump pump are the following.

  1. the sump pump is overworked 
  2.  the pump is working, but there is no water 
  3. clog in the pump 
  4.  defective pump.

Sewer Line issues

Most of the time, the issues with sewer lines are simple blockages. It is majorly due to flushing hair, paper or any of the stuff that shouldn’t be flushed. The unclogging of the sewer line must be done by a professional plumber full stop. In some cases, the pipes may need to be changed. Also, during sewer line repair, ask your plumber to check the connecting pipes. All the parts of the system must be reviewed and cleared to prevent further problems.

Downspout issues. 

Faulty downspouts can be problematic below and above the ground, if they become disconnected, stressed or broken. The water can seep down around the foundation due to these issues. If the downspout becomes clogged, it might overflow back into the gutters, which then causes the gutters to overflow. Overflowing can cause flooding, which can also affect the wood in your home.

In case of any plumbing emergency, do not stress and panic. Call us and get in touch with the best-licensed plumbing services in your area.

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